March 7th Snowstorm

Pennsylvania has declared a State of Emergency. Montgomery County has declared a Disaster Emergency. What does all this mean? 1. Stay off the road. Leave roads clear for emergency personnel and allow road crews to do their jobs. Just because you have an SUV doesn’t mean you belong on the road. 2. 8+ inches of snow and high winds are expected. Visibility will be minimal for periods throughout the storm. Be aware for falling branches and possible trees. 3. If power lines are down, proceed with caution. Don’t take chances. 4. 911 is for emergencies only. (Police, Fire, EMS) 5. If you have issues with your power call PECO’s Emergency Line. 6. If you have a power outage and are using a generator, keep it outside. If you are using extension cords make sure they are rated for their usage and do not over load them. The potential for causing a fire is very real when surge protectors and under rated cords are used. 7. Be a neighbor…check on a neighbor.

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